Like most things and also in golf you need a good basic to start with. A good movement falls or stand with a good basis. All within your own ability. Maybe a good idea to contact a teaching pro to help you create yours.

I don’t like to talk about angels, degrees and positions, I do know them, but it’s not that interesting for the player to think about. Remember? You don’t want to think about 501 things before making a movement. And guess what, the body isn’t complete idiot. It does a lot for you, so lets use that.


I like to start the movement with turning the shoulders, the rest will follow. Need more explaining? Example: IMG_0111-2

I don’t think about cocking hands or when to, position in the top and how big the movement is, do you? Sure, you must control the movement. One person needs a bigger movement then the other but as long you can control you movement, you will be oke.

Under the button long game you find ideas. There I will post some ‘technical’ stuff for you to use as a reminder.